Sunday, September 30, 2012


I really didn't have any major snafus to report this week.  Go me!  Chores got done, crafts were successful, I didn't try any new recipes, lol, it was all good.  My husband and I had a great weekend together, relaxing with each other and our kids, really enjoying what a weekend is supposed to be.  Tears were spent as we watch our 10 month old walk....YES, WALK!!  I can't believe he's walking already.  He's my last baby, and it kind of makes me sad.  He is the cutest thing walking around, and he's so proud of himself.  He just doesn't want to be left behind by his older brother and sisters and meanwhile, I want him to stay my baby.  It makes me realize that I definitely enjoy working with other kids, because there will always be kids to take care of, even if they are not my own. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

First Grade Common Core

Ok, so apparently there are A LOT of giveaways in the blogging world, that I am currently finding out.  I am definitely getting in on this one because it is something that will help me and many teachers out in a major way.   

The First Grade Common Core Workbook has a ton of great resources for teachers!  It includes the common core standards and tons of activities and worksheets.  This is a great resource to have when planning lesson plans for the year.  Take a look at the sample and see all the great worksheets and quality resources that are included. 

There is a give away going on for Bloggers, so if you want one, follow this link.  Hurry, the giveaway ends September 30th!

A Give Away!

I helped add some items into Tanya Rae's first give away.  Head on over to her blog to enter!  Lots of great fall materials!

Thanks for hosting this again and letting us other ladies in on the action!  I kind of wish I could enter myself!  Hehe.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall and Halloween Products

I have been a busy bee this week.  I celebrated my first sale at Teachers Paying Teachers TODAY!  Yay me!  I was so excited to see the email, and I was itching up until snack time, so I could peek and see how much I made!  So exciting.  Gave me inspiration to finish up most of my products and hopefully I can get them all uploaded this weekend.  Some files I made a long time ago, so I just need to edit them and add credits and title pages too.  Which is also tedious.  I need to come up with a master page for the end of all my documents.

Anyway, enough of me are the two new products I wanted to upload since the season is spot on.  (I do not have the thumbnails down to a science, so forgive the blurriness.  Feel free to give me some assistance on this.)
Fall Alphabet Hand Writing

 I will upload all my seasons of these documents hopefully this weekend, and will probably also offer them in an all in one pack!  The alphabet pages will stay on sale for the month of October!

I'm excited for fall!  My wallet is loving the electric bill right now.  : )

I've joined a linky party with Cynthia at Second Grade Pad.  I'm trying to get to know the blogging world, and I figure no better way than to link up with everyone!  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Snafu of the Week

 I'm a day late, but after a weekend of leader training camp for scouts, I was exhausted yesterday!  My snafu last week came when I was putting up a new tree decoration for fall.  I had the kids paint red, orange, and yellow on pieces of paper and then cut leave shapes out of them.  Fun to do with 2 and 3 year olds.  My 10 month old also managed to get paint on the paper, so he has a little leaf as well.  I decided to have this tree be our season tree.  We will change it for the weather, all year long, and we will change the decorations on it too.  Anyway, so as you can see in the picture below, the tree is not that pleasing to the eye.  I didn't realize I was out of green paper, so our bushel looks too small for the trunk.  Once I get more paper, I will make it better.   
We added some leaves.  I think I will add a sun at the top of the window, and grass with leave piles on the bottom.  Maybe have the kids make clouds with cotton balls too.  The tree looks pretty funny, but the kids love it. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Not a new idea, but I thought I'd share.

I was pinteresting (I've seen this word used plenty, so it is a word) a few nights ago and found this picture from I Do, We Do, You Do's blog.  There are so many renditions of this and all so cute.  I decided to make one of my own because my son Jorden needs help with time.  Plus this is a great teaching tool in my home daycare classroom for my pre-k kids.  My version looks like this.  Not the best picture, sorry.  The kids love it.  The first thing my son says is, "where are the roots?"  They say the darnest things.  
I have uploaded the cut out design to my Teachers Pay Teachers store as a free item.  Just in time for fall.  Go on, decorate your clocks, I dare you. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Always Be Prepared

I am a Girl Scout leader.  Not only am I the leader, but I am my area's service unit director.  I love scouts!  I wish I was a part of it longer when I was a girl, I wish my mom kept me in it, but that did not happen.  So now I am a big part of it, and I hope I am not pushing my daughter into it too much.  She enjoys it a lot though, so I'm not worried.  We had a meeting last night.  At this meeting we were supposed to look over our brochures that we designed for our pet baskets.  Well before leaving my house, I checked and double checked the program (which was made in Microsoft Publisher), saved it to a flash drive, saved it on my hubs computer, and then emailed it to my self in case any of those did not work.  Meeting is in full swing, I started to set up the program and BAM, hubs does not have Microsoft Publisher on his computer!  Really? Really!  The girls luckily were not too bored, as we had a new song to learn and then we let them go outside to play at the park.  But I was bummed as I was sure I did everything I could to be prepared for the meeting....except actually opening the file on my hubs computer before leaving!  As we were driving home my daughter mentioned to me that she had fun, but that I need to make sure I am prepared next time, because that's what they learn in Girl Scouts. 

I love when kids actually learn what you teach them.  : )

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Snafu of the Week

So my husband is a chef.  Yes, a chef.  I am spoiled.  I am over weight.  I am loved.  I only am responsible for dinner once a week.  Yes, once a week.  Usually my night is taco night, nacho night, or taco salad night.  My favorite to cook and eat.  Last week I decided to try a crock pot meal I got from Spark Recipes, you can find the recipe here.  I altered it a bit by taking out the soups and just using chicken broth.  I read the reviews at first and everyone kept saying how mushy it was.  I figured since I took the soups out, I might skip on some of the mushiness.  But boy was I wrong.  The smell was delicious through out the day, it looked awesome through out the day.  Everyone was ready for dinner when it was time.

I opened the pot and stirred it around......and it was mush......the broccoli mushed in, the rice was over cooked, the chicken just fell apart (but that was good), it was a bowl of mush.  My husband was not impressed.  My son Jorden was weird-ed out.  My daughter Delena only ate the chicken.  How she could tell what was what, still boggles my mind.  I did have some positive reactions though.  Jaylynn loved it.  I just think she was really hungry, I mean, she even had seconds!  I liked it, not so much the texture, but the taste was good.  And best of all, it was perfect consistency for my 9 month old, Desmond.  He ate a nice heaping bowl of it.  So this snafu was not all bad. 


Yay, my first post!  Who's happy?  Well me!! So I'm late to the game of blogging, but I have been wanting to start one for a while now just couldn't find the right thing to write about.  I found my niche in the world of teaching and am proud of what I do now.  My four kids and busy life will try to keep me from blogging regularly, but I would like to do it a few times a week.  

This blog is dedicated to education; mostly early education, daycare activities, and I will dable into 1st and 2nd grade activities.  The blog will also have some awesome mom moments and mom snafus.  By definition a snafu is:

sna·fu  (sn-f) Slang
n. pl. sna·fus
A chaotic or confused situation.
I will capture my Snafu of the Week for all those moms that wonder as they are reading these blogs, how some moms appear to just be perfect!  Yeah right, I have plenty of snafu moments in my day, in my house, with my Pinterest projects, in my kitchen, while cleaning, just anywhere.  You never know when a situation might occur.   

Well, here's to my first week of blogging!  

Thursday, September 13, 2012


As I am finishing designing the blog, I need something here to visualize.

Here's to this blog idea.  Here's to the night.  Here's to making something right.  Lol.

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