Sunday, September 30, 2012


I really didn't have any major snafus to report this week.  Go me!  Chores got done, crafts were successful, I didn't try any new recipes, lol, it was all good.  My husband and I had a great weekend together, relaxing with each other and our kids, really enjoying what a weekend is supposed to be.  Tears were spent as we watch our 10 month old walk....YES, WALK!!  I can't believe he's walking already.  He's my last baby, and it kind of makes me sad.  He is the cutest thing walking around, and he's so proud of himself.  He just doesn't want to be left behind by his older brother and sisters and meanwhile, I want him to stay my baby.  It makes me realize that I definitely enjoy working with other kids, because there will always be kids to take care of, even if they are not my own. 

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