Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Always Be Prepared

I am a Girl Scout leader.  Not only am I the leader, but I am my area's service unit director.  I love scouts!  I wish I was a part of it longer when I was a girl, I wish my mom kept me in it, but that did not happen.  So now I am a big part of it, and I hope I am not pushing my daughter into it too much.  She enjoys it a lot though, so I'm not worried.  We had a meeting last night.  At this meeting we were supposed to look over our brochures that we designed for our pet baskets.  Well before leaving my house, I checked and double checked the program (which was made in Microsoft Publisher), saved it to a flash drive, saved it on my hubs computer, and then emailed it to my self in case any of those did not work.  Meeting is in full swing, I started to set up the program and BAM, hubs does not have Microsoft Publisher on his computer!  Really? Really!  The girls luckily were not too bored, as we had a new song to learn and then we let them go outside to play at the park.  But I was bummed as I was sure I did everything I could to be prepared for the meeting....except actually opening the file on my hubs computer before leaving!  As we were driving home my daughter mentioned to me that she had fun, but that I need to make sure I am prepared next time, because that's what they learn in Girl Scouts. 

I love when kids actually learn what you teach them.  : )

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  1. So cute! I hate when things don't go according to plan, but at least you know for next time!