Sunday, September 16, 2012

Snafu of the Week

So my husband is a chef.  Yes, a chef.  I am spoiled.  I am over weight.  I am loved.  I only am responsible for dinner once a week.  Yes, once a week.  Usually my night is taco night, nacho night, or taco salad night.  My favorite to cook and eat.  Last week I decided to try a crock pot meal I got from Spark Recipes, you can find the recipe here.  I altered it a bit by taking out the soups and just using chicken broth.  I read the reviews at first and everyone kept saying how mushy it was.  I figured since I took the soups out, I might skip on some of the mushiness.  But boy was I wrong.  The smell was delicious through out the day, it looked awesome through out the day.  Everyone was ready for dinner when it was time.

I opened the pot and stirred it around......and it was mush......the broccoli mushed in, the rice was over cooked, the chicken just fell apart (but that was good), it was a bowl of mush.  My husband was not impressed.  My son Jorden was weird-ed out.  My daughter Delena only ate the chicken.  How she could tell what was what, still boggles my mind.  I did have some positive reactions though.  Jaylynn loved it.  I just think she was really hungry, I mean, she even had seconds!  I liked it, not so much the texture, but the taste was good.  And best of all, it was perfect consistency for my 9 month old, Desmond.  He ate a nice heaping bowl of it.  So this snafu was not all bad. 

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  1. Don't feel bad! My hubby is definitely the better cook in my little family. :) I found you from TPT and am your newest follower!

    Leah @ Learning 4 Keeps
    Learning 4 Keeps