Friday, January 25, 2013

Snafu of the Month....Hiatus

So, I think I am doing a not so hot job on blogging. I have tons of blogs planned, pictures to go with some. Just getting them up here, is not working. Lol. Let's face it, life gets in the way. So I am taking a hiatus. When I return I will have weekly entries that will have a theme (yes, I have already started working on these.) But when I started this blog, I just kind of dove in, and really did not know how much work it really is. : ) I'll give you some updates on my schedule. My family childcare is in the Georgia's Quality Rated Program and I am getting ready to be rated soon. I am very nervous about this as it determines the QUALITY of the care I am giving! I have been working on my portfolio and making sure my rooms have all equipment needed to get a good score. This has taken my evenings away from me. TPT is so awesome. I am behind on uploading my new products and need to catch up on these so I can finally have my built store and continue all the traffic that I do get. I lately have been gathering some resources for myself, and doing lesson plans for my own daycare, that I have not been as active with new products as I should. My family has decided to go on a debt eraser binge! Lol. In talking with our landlord and figuring out they have no intentions of selling us this house (as we thought when we moved in) that we really need to crunch and get our credit and down payment down so we can move to our own house hopefully within the next 2 years. So I have taken on a second job, luckily working out of my home still and after daycare hours. I start in a couple weeks, so these next 2 weeks, I will be getting my home office together in my bedroom. Not to mention spring baseball starts soon. My daughter wants to get back in tumbling. And I still have to run Girl Scouts. No time for blogging. I think once I get on a regular schedule and can continue planning blog entries, I will get back in. Hopefully this only takes me a month. I will still be reading everyone's as I do that in my emails and on my Kindle. : ) Happy blogging everyone! If you have some tips on how you plan your blog entries, please let me know!

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